Introducing iTrack

iTrack provides you with issue tracking capabilities that help you assign, track and manage tickets to serve customers quickly and efficiently.

Delivered "through the cloud" to any Web browser, iTrack provides both the customer and support teams with anytime, anywhere access to customer ticket information, making it ideal for remote access even away from the office or for remote support employees.

Detailed information is available on the ticket's activity history to keep support teams up-to-date.

Email notification updates inform both the customer and the support team with ticket updates enabling them to perform immediate action.

Ticket resolution times are accelerated where you can track the status of tickets in real-time order to address problems immediately.

With iTrack, you are guaranteed that you never lose sight of a single ticket.


Group security allows you to secure what tickets a user can access based on the user's assigned group.

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What's New


Added the option in Company Setup to enable/disable the use of private tickets

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iTrack Premium

iTrack Premium is designed to cater more advanced issue track requirements giving you more versatility.

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iTrack Ticket Management

  • Improve support workflow by automating the processes associated with customer support ticket assignment and management
  • Effectively track support tickets according to product, issue, category, customer, etc
  • Intelligently route tickets, enabling fast and efficient prioritization

iTrack Accessible Knowledge Base

  • Build an effective online knowledge base from resolved customer tickets helping you get the answers you need
  • Better serve customers by analyzing ticket communications
  • Give customers and partners 24/7 access to iTrack at a much lower cost than staffing your phone lines around the cloc
  • Free business joomla templates