iTrack is an effective issue tracking system designed to handle ticket activity to better manage and resolve customer concerns.

Features of iTrack include the following:

  • Provides an external facing portal for your customers where they can raise tickets for any question or issue about your products and services
  • User friendly and elegant interface allows you to easily view tickets assigned to you, view and search through all available tickets, etc.
  • Attachments allow you to upload any type of document or file for additional reference to the ticket
  • History and activity of each ticket is tracked where you can easily go back and view the history details and resolution of each ticket
  • Summary view gives you a quick overview on how many tickets there are for each status with drill-down capability to view corresponding ticket details
  • Admin tools provide you with configuration options to create your own set of products, product areas, groups, etc.
  • Intuitive email notification is available to inform you of activity or updates done to your tickets
  • Group Security allows you to secure what tickets a user can access based on the user’s assigned group
  • Ability to configure the columns displayed in search results, how many tickets are shown per page, and other configuration options
  • iTrack Reports allow you to quickly and easily monitor your ticket status and details

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iTrack Ticket Management

  • Improve support workflow by automating the processes associated with customer support ticket assignment and management
  • Effectively track support tickets according to product, issue, category, customer, etc
  • Intelligently route tickets, enabling fast and efficient prioritization

iTrack Accessible Knowledge Base

  • Build an effective online knowledge base from resolved customer tickets helping you get the answers you need
  • Better serve customers by analyzing ticket communications
  • Give customers and partners 24/7 access to iTrack at a much lower cost than staffing your phone lines around the cloc
  • Free business joomla templates