What is iTrack?

iTrack is an issue management system that tracks and manages tickets raised.

What is a ticket?

A ticket is a component in iTrack used to represent a reported issue, case or incident. Tickets have
unique reference numbers that identifies specific issues raised.

What are the similarities and differences between iTrack and iTrack Premium?

iTrack and iTrack premium are both issue management systems that tracks and manages tickets
raised. The difference between them is that iTrack premium provides more features that cater to
advanced issue tracking requirements for versatility. For a list of iTrack Premium features, click

Is there someone I can call when I have a question?

Yes, our helpdesk and support is available Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm.

You can contact our help desk at +63-2-491-7310 or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Can I run iTrack using our servers?

Yes, you have the option to run iTrack yourself in your own servers.

This can be the case if you do not have an internet connection or if you want to use your existing
network infrastructure and server hardware to run iTrack.Note: Additional fee will be charged for the
maintenance of the servers.

What is the disadvantage of running iTrack using my own servers?

You would need to spend more on purchasing your own servers, create infrastructure, and hire
personnel to perform daily administrative task that include daily backups. You run the risk of

What are the requirements running iTrack in our own servers?

You need to be able to successfully implement iTrack Premium for five months in order to become eligible to
run iTrack in your own servers.

This is to ensure that you have sufficient experience and know-how on running iTrack without any

How do I go about setting up and configuring iTrack Premium?

iTrack Premium comes with a quick start guides that are available and if you need help, you can contact us at
+63-2-491-7310 for more details.

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For inquiries, you can call us at +63-2-491-7310 or email us at

iTrack Ticket Management

  • Improve support workflow by automating the processes associated with customer support ticket assignment and management
  • Effectively track support tickets according to product, issue, category, customer, etc
  • Intelligently route tickets, enabling fast and efficient prioritization

iTrack Accessible Knowledge Base

  • Build an effective online knowledge base from resolved customer tickets helping you get the answers you need
  • Better serve customers by analyzing ticket communications
  • Give customers and partners 24/7 access to iTrack at a much lower cost than staffing your phone lines around the cloc
  • Free business joomla templates