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iTrack Premium Just Keeps Getting Better with these New Enhancements

Added the option in Company Setup to enable/disable the use of private tickets

This feature allows you to show or hide the use of private tickets in iTrack Premium.  Disabling this feature is useful for cases where the company would like to be able to view all tickets since tickets marked as private can only be viewed by the created by and assigned to users.

Added the Projects tab that allows you to keep track of the status of your projects

With the view projects screen, you are able to view project details that include the project duration, target completion date, billable hours, non-billable hours, and the tickets raised for the project.

Projects screen is secured where you can assign the users that would be able to view and update projects assigned to them whereas administrators would be able to view all projects.

Added the project team to the project setup screen allowing you to define the team members of projects

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iTrack Ticket Management

  • Improve support workflow by automating the processes associated with customer support ticket assignment and management
  • Effectively track support tickets according to product, issue, category, customer, etc
  • Intelligently route tickets, enabling fast and efficient prioritization

iTrack Accessible Knowledge Base

  • Build an effective online knowledge base from resolved customer tickets helping you get the answers you need
  • Better serve customers by analyzing ticket communications
  • Give customers and partners 24/7 access to iTrack at a much lower cost than staffing your phone lines around the cloc
  • Free business joomla templates